Investment Research

Investment Research

Our investment research vertical at Snowcrest supports not only companies exploring acquisition opportunities but also businesses such as investment banks, private equity firms, and asset management companies.

Additionally, our team has the capabilities to draft industry research reports, undertake feasibility studies, perform credit capacity assessments, and even support your business in its investor relations obligations.

Read on below to explore the various competencies of Snowcrest in our Investment Research vertical.

Equity Research

At Snowcrest, we believe in the power of knowledge, and by extension, the power of competent research to obtain knowledge. Applying our belief in the equity research space, our team of experts, consisting of research analysts having worked with leading asset management companies and investment banks, provide an independent and objective analysis of a particular company or group of companies.

Our team can support your equity research activities with the following services:

  • Financial Modelling
  • Coverage Initiation and Maintenance
  • Broker Research Summaries
  • Idea Generation
  • Thematic Research
  • Consensus Models

    Our reports are more than just a collection of facts and figures. We analyze the underlying data and identify trends, emerging opportunities, perceived risks, and justify our evaluations with appropriate reasoning. Our deliverables are concise and provide actionable intelligence to enable swift and accurate decision-making.

  • Company Fundamental Research for IBs, PEs & AMCs

    We appreciate your enthusiasm to invest in businesses which can create positive value for you or your company. Snowcrest’s research services offer an evaluation of a company’s fundamentals by performing an objective and unbiased assessment of its business operations. This is based on a variety of internal and external factors to appraise the past performance and future outlook.

    Our assessment into a company’s business serves as a vital tool aimed to empower investors and provide information necessary to make better-informed investment decisions giving you the shining Snowcrest edge.

    Industry Research Reports

    We appreciate that at times, businesses operating in a particular segment within a value chain may wish to undertake horizontal or vertical integration. Some companies may also consider a venture in an industry outside of their core business activities. An industry research study is generally required at this stage, which is prior to examining the feasibility of a specific project.

    With our extensive experience in consulting with a range of businesses and sectors, Snowcrest can perform research and assessments across various markets and geographies. Such analysis generally provides higher management with an understanding of the proposed industry and forms a basis to take the next decision. Where the outlook appears positive, the natural next step would be to identify and appraise specific projects.

    Appraisal / Feasibility Study of Projects

    We understand that a business needs to innovate by exploring new projects, offering new services, expanding in the market or growing through acquisitions. Snowcrest enables the management to make such decisions by undertaking appraisals of specific projects under consideration.

    Investing in the conduct of an appraisal assessment ensures an understanding of the proposed business stream and mitigates the risk of investing in loss-making or unfavorable projects. Appraisals can also be conducted on existing business units to determine whether they should be continued or disposed.

    Snowcrest can assist by providing an objective evaluation of the proposed or existing business, covering areas such as industry assessment, customer analysis, current or expected financial performance and appraisal, among others.

    Legal and tax effective business structuring for existing entities and post-transaction structures

    We recognize that there are times when the business needs cash flows. Prospective lenders or debt providers are generally interested in a company’s ability to generate adequate cash flows to service interest and principal repayments. Such stakeholders are looking for an independent assessment of the financial and cash-flows position of the borrower.

    Our services here cover providing a complete evaluation into the financial position of the borrower company, where we comment on aspects such as operational and business analysis, past financial performance, key issues, future outlook and a benchmarking of key performance indicators with similar entities.

    Investor Relations

    At Snowcrest, we know that the Investor Relations function is much more than just providing timely information to various stakeholders of the company. It is our belief that a strong Investor Relations division can offer considerable support for the company and is therefore directly involved in its value creation.

    As part of our service offering, we work with various departments within a company, such as accounting, legal, and other relevant functions to assist in preparation of a variety of reports and releases as per company requirements. Our deliverables are more than just a collection of facts. Rather, they are geared towards creation of a positive image with a focus on providing information which is easy to comprehend and analyze.